We will help you choose the right electrical equipment not only for power distribution, but also for ventilation, fire alarm and fire extinguishing systems



IMPULS ENERGO is an enterprise that conducts active scientific, technical and production activities in the field of design, manufacture and installation of power supply and automation systems. All our equipment is designed to solve complex technological problems. It is easy to maintain and operate, and has good adaptability to various external control and automation systems.

  • All our employees – engineers, installers, adjusters – are professionals in their field, which allows the Company to implement projects in many countries around the world.
  • For our customers, we offer solutions that are easy to integrate into an existing production line.
  • A wide range of products supplied by our Company will allow you to refuse dozens of different suppliers, and acceptable delivery conditions will inevitably reduce your overhead costs.


Advanced technologies

We use only high-quality components of domestic and foreign manufacturers.

Timely assistance

In case of emergency situations, employees are ready to go to the facility around the clock, find out the cause of the accident and propose ways to eliminate the accident.

Qualified specialists

Highly qualified specialists of the Company constantly improve themselves and take advanced training courses.

24/7 support

Our specialists are always in touch


Our Company offers various options for innovative developments for your needs. We are professionals, and we are interested not only in improving the efficiency of using our equipment, but also in economic efficiency in the market.


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Czech Republic, Prague


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